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19 Dec, 2013 posted by PVLVS



     We finally met the point in life where you have to stand strong on your own legs and get rid of all the possible midle men who are trying to clean out your pockets before you actulally make some profit. Starting from this day we no longer buy no t-shirts from other producers. Stolen Colection is our first 100% real deal of our own. So here's the new deal. No phone calls no e-mails just get in a car drive to the fabrique warehouse choose the one you like and then bring it to sewing house where the magic is made to happen. Sounds simple. Yeah maybe but the tricky part comes when you must have a precise design construction made with specific needs such as ours. This is a very important turning point in Tru Fix Kru life. 

     First of all we would like to thank our clothing design brainiac Liene Dejus and Jancis from The best tattoo parlour Rīgas Tinte for such an amazing drawings for Stolen Collection. 

The Presentation of Stolen Collection was held on 17th december at shop Paviljons terbatas 55

4Riga Arturs Tigulis

Brightest of all TV stars Renārs Zeltiņš with darling.

Russel & Roy

OZ fresh

Mr.Silenieks lookin' good

Biggest thanx goes to Anna & Elina for such an amazing table serving 

She Fix Riga

The voice of Latvian Extremes


Dj Dubra


Meet the robbers

This man right here is probably the most important in terms of our brands development.

Can't thank enough

Our models looked perfect thanks to this young lady Anete


The Rolling - Sick ass motherfuckers


We even had a real tattoo artist

Babies clothing line


 Whimsical Agnesiga and Santa Bindemane  

Champion's drink



Totally illegal 

Guilty - both

All the family

Thank you for coming

See you in the streets


PS: All Pictures are HERE



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